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Become a Grid Vendor

Grid is proud to work with an expanding team of very professional and very capable vendors here in the Portland area.

We currently have a group of plumbers, electricians, janitorial companies, general contractors, painters, landscapers and specialized skilled professionals that we rely upon every day. We are growing, and as we add properties, we need to add to the capacity of our network.

When we consider a new contractor to add to our team, we look for businesses who share our commitment to on-time, on-target, and on the money customer service.

If that describes your company, we invite you to apply to become a Grid Property Management vendor and join us in our mission to be of ultimate service to our customers and clients. Here is what we look for in our vendors:

  1. 1.) Licensed, Bonded and Insured: We need you to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We’ll also need you to sign a W-9.
  2. 2.) Honest, Fast and Prompt: We expect professional and quality customer service for our Tenants and Owners. This means you have to be on your game!
  3. 3.) Great Communication: We are a technology-driven company. You must be able to communicate via email and phone, and you must be willing to be prompt in your communications with us.
  4. 4.) Free Estimates if Needed: Depending on your trade, we may ask you to provide an estimate for your work before work begins. Your estimates need to be free of cost.
  5. 5.) Competitive Pricing: We of course want you to be successful, but we need you to be competitive in your pricing. We’ll give you lots of work if you become part of our team, so that helps too!
  6. 6.) Prompt and Legible Invoices: We’ll need you to promptly invoice us with a clear and legible invoice that describes the work you have completed. We need to be able to have our owners understand the work that was done at their property. We pay promptly from your invoice.

If this list describes you and your company, please fill out the form on this page and let’s have you become part of the Grid vendor team!

Drop Us a Line!