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Move-Out Procedure

  1. 1.) 30-Day Notice: When you are ready to move, send us a 30-day notice in writing.
  2. 2.) Acknowledgement Letter: When we receive your written 30-day notice, we’ll respond with an acknowledgement letter and a move-out checklist to help you with your transition out of your unit. The move-out checklist includes guidance on landscaping, cleaning, and other tasks. Please complete this checklist as you prepare to vacate…it will help you maximize your security deposit refund.
  3. 3.) Advertising and Showing: Once we receive your 30-day notice, we’ll start marketing the unit to potential new tenants. We will place a lock box on the property and our leasing team will begin showing your unit.
  4. 4.) Key Handoff: On the day you vacate, please leave all door keys, mailbox keys, and garage door remotes. Please lock all exterior doors and windows. As an alternative, you may also deliver all keys to our office during standard business hours.
  5. 5.) Utilities: Please call your utility companies to close your account effective the day that you vacate. Be sure to provide them with your updated mailing address and contact information so they can send you a final bill.
  6. 6.) Final Walk Through: We do not conduct accompanied walk throughs with our departing tenants. After the walkthrough, we’ll perform any repairs or cleaning that is necessary to prepare the unit for the next tenants.
  7. 7.) Security Deposit Accounting: Once we have completed any needed repairs and/or cleaning, we’ll mail you a final lease accounting letter and a check. By Oregon law , we have 30 days from the date you tender possession to us to provide you with a final accounting and any refund from your security deposit.
  8. 8.) We Are Here to Help: Throughout this entire process, we’ll be here to help. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. We appreciate your tenancy and we want to ensure that you have a smooth experience from start to finish!