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Grid's Screening Criteria

We are working with neighbors and other landlords in the greater Portland area to maintain the quality of Portland’s neighborhoods. We want to make sure that people are good neighbors and do not use our rental properties for illegal activity.

To this end, we have a thorough screening process.

Please review our list of criteria. If you feel you meet our criteria, please apply.

Please note that we provide equal housing opportunity - we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, familial status, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or source of income.

We will process fully complete applications in the order we receive them.

We will accept the first applicant for any given vacancy who meets our screening criteria.

Our screening criteria are as follows:

1.) A Complete Application: One complete application for each adult - 18 years or older - who will live in the unit. If a line is not filled in, we will need you to provide the missing information before we will begin the screening process.

2.) Two Pieces of ID: We require a photo I.D. (driver's license or other government issued photo identification card) and a second piece of I.D. as well. Copies of both sides of both of these documents must be provided to us before we will begin the screening process.

3.) A $50 Application Charge Per Applicant: This charge is used to cover the costs of the screening process, the employment check, and the credit check. This charge will be refunded to you if your application is not screened.

4.) Rental History Verifiable by Unbiased Sources: For us to review your rental history, we need you to provide us with information about your current and your previous landlord. If your rental history does not include at least two landlords, or you are related by blood or marriage to one of the two landlords you list on your application, we will, at our option, require a qualified co-signer on your rental agreement. Qualified co-signers must meet all applicant screening criteria except prior rental history.

It is your responsibility to provide us with the information needed to contact your current and previous landlords. We reserve the right to deny your application if, after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify your rental history.

5.) Sufficient Income/Resources: If your monthly gross income is less than three times the monthly rent of the unit you are applying for, your application will be denied.

We must be able to independently verify the amount and stability of your income. Some of the ways we may verify income may include review of pay stubs, direct contact with your employer, verification of governmental assistance, child or other support payments, or through tax records.

If you are employed by others, we’ll need copies of your last three pay stubs and three months' proof of any other regular income.

If you are self-employed, we’ll need a copy of last year’s tax return or three months of bank statements and three months' proof of any other regular income.

If you are not employed but have some other form of income, we’ll need three months' proof of this income.

6.) Adequate Credit Worthiness: We will review your credit history. Your credit history for the past five years must be free of eviction judgments against you, financial judgments, collections actions, and bankruptcies.

You will be denied rental if:

1.) Misrepresentation: You misrepresent any information on the application. If misrepresentations are found after a rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.

2.) Drug Convictions: In the last five years you have been arrested for or convicted of the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance.

3.) Marijuana Use: Marijuana is still a Federal controlled substance. We cannot rent to you if you grow or consume any amount of marijuana in your residence, even if you have an Oregon Medical Marijuana card.

4.) Other Convictions: In the last five years you have been arrested for or convicted of any felony.

5.) Poor Credit: Your credit check shows accounts that are not current. Occasional credit records showing payments within 30 to 59 days past due will be acceptable, provided you can justify the circumstances. Records showing payments past 60 days are not acceptable.

6.) Other Credit Issues In the last five years you have had any unpaid collections, an FED judgment against you, a bankruptcy, or any judgment against you for financial delinquency.

7.) Complaint Levels: Your prior landlords report significant complaint levels of noncompliance activity including but not limited to:

  1. Disturbance of the neighbors' peace
  2. Reports of gambling, prostitution, drug dealing, drug possession, or drug manufacturing
  3. Damage to the property beyond normal wear
  4. Reports of violence or threats of violence against neighbors or landlords
  5. Allowing persons not on the lease to reside on the premises
  6. Failure to give proper notice when vacating the property

8.) Previous Landlord's Summary: Your previous landlord would not be inclined to rent to you again based on your behavior or the behavior of others you allowed on the property during your tenancy.

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